Was raised in Valparaiso and Santiago the Chile from 1959 till 1977. My most fond memories  from my childhood in Valparaiso were,  jumping and running around the tin rooftop of old buildings and houses with my friends, pretending we were detectives plus ditching school at very young age to ride with the fisherman’s at the Valparaiso’s Puerto, and help unloading the catch. I developed a very inquisitive mind from a very early age, and my mom developed an anxiety syndrome because of me!

In Santiago attended various schools since my mom had to move often since we could only afford to rent rooms at people’s houses, until she was able to buy her own apartment during Allende’s short presidential term. Also at a very young age I understood that the only way people could accomplish plural and collective causes was by unity and respect, and always had a soft spot for the underdog, and underpaid hard labor workers. Plus wanted to travel the world and learn from different cultures and often fantasized of a father that one day will call for me and take me away to his house somewhere in Europe (The truth is that my dad was living in France courtesy of Amnesty international from 75 after a two year incarceration by the Pinochet regime for being in Neruda’s and Volodia Teitelboim friend)

In 77 moved to Israel, and as citizen, I was drafted during the time Begin and Sadat made peace, and part of my military duties at that time was to arrest and evacuate protesters from Yamit, and was involved in the first conflict with Ashaf in Lebanon that kept me busy till 84, by then my at the time wife decided that we needed a break and wanted to visit her parents in California, which turned into 27 old trip… and counting.

The second day of my arrival to LA I enrolled in Fairfax High for ESL and started to drive a pick up for a print shop….had many jobs and different industries. In the 90’s got hired by GE for a sales position, that lead me to a sales carrier, then in 97 started working on the Recycling of toner cartridges industry with a couple of friends with an investment of 160k that in 7 years I helped to turn into 30mill. Then, left  in 2004 and kept in the same industry  helping other companies become more credible and got again the chance to travel the world representing US recycled made products, did business in  all but one continent till beginning of 2011 when I decided to start my own company providing green alternatives to offices, and educating people about Zero waste mentality, and how to make a good living and yet helping minimize our carbon footprint and follow companies that want to create products that are full circle from the moment that goes to the consumer, all the way back to their recycling facilities to create the same products.

I believe that by helping our local and micro economies we could eventually turn the ties on the need for cheap foreign labor, lower the entitlements and start creating a culture of producers that want to help the environment and at the same time create free programs for children

…I dream of a lot of communities like mine, mobilizing their residents to do the same, and at the same time getting a little bit educated on the subject of local sustainability with profitability and what we can do together with local business, and finally incite kids to seek carriers in the environment fields and business that thrive with it



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  1. yoskke says:

    Annual e-waste drive fundraiser by Temple beth emet of Burbank, Ca.
    Keep all your unwanted electronics, and bring them for a tax deduction and in turn will be converted to donations to help the fight against cancer

  2. Thank you for following our blog. I wanted to ask you, if you would be interested in being a guest expert on one of our upcoming Thursday blogs’.

    Our blog is a unique blog with different topics to look forward to daily, in which we look to have guest bloggers provide content on a subject they possess expertise in (almost like an “Ask the Expert”).


    If you are interested, please email me a brief bio, a paragraphs blog topic, and a profile picture within the next week. There is no particular topic, just a topic that will be beneficial to all readers and that is based off of your experience, expertise, and/or learning experience within your own business.

    I hope you will consider this opportunity and potentially be one of our upcoming guest bloggers.


  3. Yoskke says:

    Hello Heather…Ok, I am ready, and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity

  4. Yoskke says:

    Heather, thanks again I just emailed you something for your editing eyes….my writing skills are not that good
    Thanks again

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