Winter Blues? 9 Secrets to Staying Healthy and Energized at Work


As daylight hours decrease, many people experience sadness and fatigue. At work it may be difficult to concentrate, you may feel irritable, and your to-do list might feel more daunting than usual.  Winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, affects up to 20 percent of us and there’s more to it than just feeling unmotivated. The winter blues can lower your resistance and leave you vulnerable to colds and flu.

So how can you stay healthy and energized at work when all you want to do is hibernate til spring? Here are some easy ways to beat the blues.

Move it. Just ten minutes of activity can do the trick. Take a stroll around the parking lot; walk up a few flights of stairs, even gently stretching your arms, neck and legs can revitalize your body.

Play outside. Physical activity releases endorphins that can boost mood and health. Since most of us spend the majority of your lives indoors inhaling stale air, it’s a good idea to take every opportunity to get outside despite the cold weather. It’s even better if the sun’s shining and you can soak up some mood-boosting Vitamin D.

Breathe. Sit in a chair and slowly count to four while inhaling through your nose. Visualize peace, energy and light filling your body. Hold it for a second then slowly count to four exhaling through your mouth while imagining tension and tiredness floating away. Repeat three to five times during the day.

Help out. Helping others less fortunate keeps your own life in perspective. Organize a group of co-workers to volunteer at a homeless shelter, for Meals on Wheels, or Habitat for Humanity. You’ll break up the monotony and see your co-workers in a new light while helping out your community.

Have some fun. What’s more fun than food? Plan a regular department potluck to liven things up. Consider adding a theme ? say Hawaiian ? and ask for tropical food and dress. Doing something different even for a few hours can boost your spirits and immune system.

Eat smart. Since most of us get sleepy in the afternoon, eat a healthy lunch that includes protein, non-starchy vegetables and fat for long-lasting energy. Good examples of balanced combinations include cooked chicken breast and carrot sticks, canned tuna and a lettuce salad, or fish with vegetables. Same principle applies for mid-afternoon snacks. Don’t expect to stay energized if you’re not eating right.

Set some goals. If you’re feeling like every day is the same, shake things up by setting goals for yourself.  Tackle your list of must-read books, finish a long-neglected project, brush up on your skills, attend a seminar or take a class outside your comfort zone.

Go fruity. Bananas, apples and grapes can give a much-needed lift because they contain natural sugars, vitamins and fiber. Bananas are one of the few fruits containing both simple carbohydrates, for instant energy, and complex carbohydrates, for endurance. Need something to keep at your desk? Try dates. They also include both simple and complex carbs and are loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Keep it clean. A recent report states that the average desk has 400 times more germs on it than a toilet seat! And under the right condition, these germs can double every 15 minutes on shared equipment like copy machines, light switches, and coffee pots.  Think about all the items you touch on your desk alone – keyboard, mouse, phone, pens. They carry a surprising amount of bacteria. Always wash your hands after using the restroom, use hand sanitizer after touching shared equipment, and regularly wipe down your office area with antibacterial wipes. You also might consider upgrading your mousepad, keyboard, and other items to the new antimicrobial products that inhibit the spread of germs.

Don’t let Mother Nature wreak havoc on your mental and physical well being. Check with your local Office Supply Dealer for even more ways to keep you happy, healthy and energized all winter long.


Pieces Of Landmark Wilshire Grand Hotel Available In Liquidation Sale

Pieces Of Landmark Wilshire Grand Hotel Available In Liquidation Sale

Pieces Of Landmark Wilshire Grand Hotel Available In Liquidation Sale

April 23, 2012 11:06 PM

Reporting Suzie Suh

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — For those interested in owning a piece of a Hollywood Landmark, Downtown L.A.’s Wilshire Grand Hotel is being liquidated with everything from grand pianos to silverware up for grabs.

It is a tour of the Wilshire Grand like you have never seen before. Hotel history, nearly every piece of the property is available for purchase.

“This is going to be the largest garage sale Los Angeles has ever seen,” a liquidation representative said.

The L.A. landmark was built in the early 1950s and closed last December to make way for a new 45-story hotel.

On Thursday doors will be opened to the public for a wall-to-wall liquidation sale.

“Even the walls are for sale — hundreds of thousands of pieces of linen, hundreds of flat-screen TVs,” he said.

From silverware to ceilings to baby grand pianos — $2 million worth of items will be available.

The lobby is now a showroom, displaying items from rooms. Mind you, there were 1,000 rooms in the hotel.

“Between three and 6,000 lamps; there’s a king bed, complete bed is $359. Mirrors for $19, artwork for $6,” the representative said.

In the gift shop has been turned into gallery where you can find painting and fine art. There you may find “steals” with stories.

“Retro is back, right? But this is original 1952. It still has sticker in it for information to dial for the police back then,” the representative said showing off a nightstand.

An entire ballroom is filled with trinkets, such as water pitchers marked with original hotel crests. But if kitchenware is not your cup of tea, how about a restaurant?

“We have five restaurants. Means we have five kitchens,” he said. “The tables are $2,000 each.”

Every piece is priced at about 25 to 30 percent off retail. But no haggling will be allowed, just buyers interested in a grand opportunity.

The sale begins Thursday at 9 a.m. and will be held every day until everything is sold.

4 Facts About Facebook Timeline’s Inevitable Release to Fan Pages

Posted on 30. Jan, 2012 by Brian Moran

The great people over all recently posted an article outlining some activity surrounding Facebook’s upcoming Facebook Marketing Conference scheduled for Feb. 29th (AllFacebook’s post here). The post sites two sources who have hinted that Facebook could be announcing the release of their new “Timeline” for Fan Pages.

The release of Timeline for Fan Pages has always been a virtual certainty, the question has just always been, “When will Timeline be out for Fan Pages?”.

Now, were not here to speculate on wether the Feb. 29th conference will actually include the introduction of Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages, but for the sake of this post, let’s just assume that this announcement will be made and that Timeline will be introduced to Fan Pages in a few short weeks.

So here is a short list of thing you need to know about Facebook Timeline & its possible release for Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook Timeline Loves Social Applications

Not too long ago, Facebook made the announcement that 60 social applications were to be “tightly integrated into the new Timeline format (those 60 apps listed here). These applications include what is called, “auto-post” ability.

You have probably already seen this in your New’s Feed with applications like Social Reader, Spotify, or even Pinterest. If your friends have “Allowed” these applications onto their profile, their activity within these applications is automatically posted to their personal Facebook Timeline & their friend’s New’s Feed, like the picture below.

“Auto-posting” can provide clear, powerful advantages to fan page owners who can leverage these social applications well. Facebook Timeline could offer Fan Page owners a great opportunity to increase exposure.

We Don’t Know What A Fan Page Timeline Will Be Like

While Facebook Timeline has been out for personal Facebook profile for some time, no one really knows what Timeline may look like for Fan Pages. Plenty of people out there have speculated on what a possible Timeline for Fan Pages layout might look like.

All of this is clearly speculation, as we cannot be sure of any exact specifications. I  can say fairly confidently that the widely popular, Cover Photo, will be a centerpiece of any Timeline for Fan Pages. But after that, there is no hard evidence to support much else.

What we do know is that when developing Timeline, Facebook did consult with business owners about the design. This lends credibility to the belief that whatever the new Timeline for Fan Pages looks like, it will have been developed with branding & e-commerce in mind.

Images Are King

After spending just a few minutes with the Facebook Timeline layout on your personal profile, it is awfully clear that images get a whole lot of attention. When posted, images tend to take up a large amount of space on the Timeline, and they also tend to stick around longer than other posts. Meaning, an image or group of images is visible longer than most other types of posts.

Below is an image uploaded to a friend of mine’s Timeline. You can see that most images take up almost 3 or 4 times the amount of space as other types of posts. This particular picture was added almost 48 hours before this screenshot, and was still sitting near the top of the page.

Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages is Inevitable

Facebook will never stop changing. They will always seek to develop the “next big thing” in social media, and Timeline is their big idea for the moment. Fan Pages will be using Timeline in the future, and we will most likely know more about that after February 29th.

So don’t fight it! This doesn’t have to be a big, scary change. This is simply an opportunity waiting to happen, and there is one other thing you can take to the bank about Facebook Timeline. You can bet your house that your customers will still be on Facebook & that we will still be finding ways to get your customers to connect to your band no matter what change comes.

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The best part is that our training comes with free Lifetime Updates. Meaning, as Facebook continues to change, so does our training. You will never be left high & dry, giving you a professional insurance policy for your Facebook Marketing for about what you might spend on a date.

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Solar win for Los Angeles, CA

This was a huge week for solar energy in LA. After over two years of research and outreach on the part of the Los Angeles Business Council and our partners, the Los Angeles City Council cleared the way for the launch of an innovative rooftop solar-energy program Tuesday morning, unanimously approving a measure to allow the Department of Water and Power (DWP) to move forward with the groundbreaking CLEAN LA Solar program!

LA City Council votes unanimously to pass the CLEAN LA Solar Program after DWP  General Manager Ron Nichols (center right) answers questions from Councilmembers.

The CLEAN LA Solar program will allow local property owners to sell solar power generated from rooftops and parking lots back to the DWP, using a mechanism called a feed-in tariff, or FiT. Los Angeles will be the largest city in the nation to adopt such a program, which will supply renewable energy at a reasonable cost while spurring private investment, creating high-quality jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and helping the state and city meet renewable power requirements.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa helped set the CLEAN LA Solar plan in motion in 2008, when he ambitiously called for a 150-megawatt FiT program to be created in Los Angeles. The LABC has been the leading advocate for the CLEAN LA Solar plan since then. Research conducted by the LABC and the LABC Institute has demonstrated that enacting the 150 MW CLEAN LA Solar program will create 4,500 jobs and $500 million in economic activity by 2016. Recognizing this tremendous potential, a broad coalition of businesses, environmental groups, labor organizations and other groups have joined the LABC to support the plan.

The ordinance approved this week authorizes Ron Nichols, DWP’s General Manager, to move forward with a solar FiT of up to 150 megawatts without returning to the City Council to approve various contracts or agreements. The measure also provides a streamlined FiT application process and lowers the program’s administrative costs.

DWP will immediately move forward on a 10-megawatt demonstration project. The first 75 megawatts of the program are expected to come on line this year as well, with an additional 75 megawatts expected by 2016 (to take advantage of the federal tax credits set expire). A full 150-megawatt FiT program would power the equivalent of 34,000 LA homes.

We’re looking forward to co-hosting workshops with DWP on the solar program on the week of April 16.  Please contact Michelle Garakian at if you are interested in participating.

LABC also has advocated to double the LADWP’s Energy Efficiency (EE) and we have hosted workshops in partnership with the DWP providing information on what a successful energy efficiency program would look like. We are happy to report that the proposed EE budget has been increased from $50 to $88 million per year!

Most importantly, we would like to thank all of our partners who have helped make the CLEAN LA Solar program a reality today!

This happened because a group of participants who often have disparate interests, unified in an unusual coalition and determined that the CLEAN LA Solar program was important for this city. Without the leadership of our Mayor, City Council, DWP GM Ron Nichols and his staff, researchers at UCLA and USC, the business community and our coalition, this program wouldn’t exist. Of course, to make sure this program is implemented correctly and to the level we desire, it will take continued diligence.


Mary Leslie, LABC President

Jacob Lipa, LABC Chairman

Brad Cox, LABC Institute Chairman